ABOUT bare

bare is dedicated to providing extremely high quality nail, wax, tanning and eyebrow treatments. The emphasis is on unparalleled efficiency and standards of cleanliness, all in a friendly environment.

Owner Sarah Edmonds’ background is in women’s health and she has used this experience to bring good medical practice to the beauty world. bare has hospital standard sterilisation equipment and is committed to providing super-hygienic treatments: therapists use hand sanitisers; pedicure footbaths have disposable one-use-only liners; manicure and pedicure tools are either discarded after use or sterilised to operation standards using an autoclave; and individual mini nail polish bottles am used so there is no risk of contamination.

In most beauty salons, contaminated tools and files, communal paraffin baths and wax heaters, unsanitary pedicure tubs, and half-used nail polish bottles are normal. These poor standards of hygiene have high associated risk of infection with bacteria, viruses and fungal infections (including HIV, herpes, hepatitis C, nail fungi and staphilococci infections). In the US many states am now adopting legislation to protect nail salon customers, but the UK is a long may behind on this.

bare’s menu of services include waxing (using natural tea tree products), manicures and pedicures (including a one hour “combo” for those clients in a real hurry), St. Tropez spray tanning and eyebrow shaping – including being the first salon in the area to offer the much sought-after eyebrow threading technique.